– architect for sustainable mini houses.

“To respect our planet and make our being on this earth  a little more sustainable is one of my aims. To build sustainable mini houses became my passion to come a little closer to that goal.“

mini-house works among others in collaboration with a manufacturer of log houses. Log houses are easy to assembly, which can save the money for construction workers. Furthermore log houses are made of pure wood and by that without dangerous emissions.

Looking for a possibility to build a sustainable mini-house that you can afford? can help you to make your dream come true.
It doesn’t matter if you already have a detailed idea or you want to start from scratch and are looking for inspiration, for every situation we can make you an offer you can’t resist.
Mini-house offers log-houses to a price that is below many other competitors on the market, and on top of that architectural consulting is included.
Get an architect designed, sustainable house were materials are without dangerous emissions, and the form and function still gives you a spacious feeling. Build a mini-house to use as little resources as possible and without straining your economy.
Save money with hiring mini-house for your house building.
Some of our construction materials gets delivered from Germany, and have excellent quality to an awesome price.
Contact us for a non-binding offer.
We are looking forward to hear from you and to make this world a little more sustainable. 🙂

mini-house is driven by architect Susanne Benfer, who collected experiences in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway.