Yearly Archives: 2016

hems i kolonihavehus
Finally we are attaching the loft inside the house and create some extra square meters and room.


overdækket terrasse
Building of the patio to connect the houses. Later on we are also planning a glass roof for the front part.


havelåge kolo
Our old gate was about to fall apart, plus that we wanted to have a gate, that would give us a little more privacy. We got an iron frame,  on which we applied wooden boards.

new gate

gulvvarme gør det selv
We are busy with establishing the underfloor heating. It is quite easy to establish. We can help you with the planning. You will receive a detailed drawing with the pipes position from us, and we can help you establishing it.  The system is very economical either.

establishing the underfloor heating

kloakering i kolonihave
Our sustainable house has a compost toilette.  A great decision. It is not smelly at all, and saving a lot of dirt water. For the rest of the dirt water, we need to establish sewage. As you can see on the picture, our earth is really full of clay. To […]


A round window is a strong design element for a house. Since it is also very expensive, we bought this one used on ebay. Now we painted it and finally installed it. The frame for the window was made with a laser cutter.  

round window