price list

Herewith a price list of our services.

Applies from May 2019 until further notice.



1. draft proposal for a mini-house up to 40m2
price 12,500, -kr incl. VAT

special offer!!!

price 8.500,-kr incl. vat

contains the following:
meeting online or personal
draft proposal for the house
3d autocad drawings
1 set of drawings for the building application
3 pcs. visualizations


1b. draft proposal mini-house up to 70m2

price 15,000, -kr incl. VAT

special  offer!!!

price 9.500,-kr incl. vat

contains the following: see above


1c. draft proposal mini-house over 70m2

price: on demand



2.Price for further adjustmnets to the draft proposals (visualizations, cad drawings) in addition to package 1 is done by agreement

3. building application
Price per hour 625, -kr incl. VAT

autocad drawings (3d)


4. 3d visualizations

price 1500, -kr incl. VAT

1 set of 3D visualizations consisting of 3 visualizations

(2 interior / 1 exterior)

made of existing 3d autocad drawings


4b. price for 1 picture 3d visualization in addition 625, -kr incl. VAT



5. model of draft proposals for houses up to 40m2

Price 2000, -kr incl. VAT

made of existing 2d autocad drawings

model of wood, made with laser cutter

Material is included in the price

To have a model can be a good tool, to imagine the end result.
The model is from wood and the scale is 1:50.