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As you can see, we have professional equipment and staff to get started with our foundation. The house got delivered to the garden as you can see in the back of the picture, and the weather is dry enough to dig the holes in the garden without sinking totally.

We are finally starting

After 6 weeks of waiting the log house arrived on time today. Actually, due to the wet summer it even arrived to early, because the foundation is not even finished.  

The log house arrived

The drawings with the wood construction needs to be checked regarding all measurements. When everything is corrected and confirmed the houses will go in production. This whole process is really quit some fun. Nice to know, that we have chosen a profession we like. Hopefully after this “showhouse” more projects […]

wood construction

The wood construction of our little summer house will be a log cabin. To avoid poluttant emission, we changed the basic idea of building a wood frame house. We want to build as ecological as possible, plus that assambling a log house is quit some fun. We found a really […]

sustainable architecture

The building application for the little summerhouse got confirmed. Now we need to find construction workers that creates the foundation and a carpentry that can build the basic wood construction.  

building application

today our model for the little summer house got created with the laser cutter. The cutter does a very precise job, and is much faster than creating a model by hand. You just need an Autocad Drawing, and the cutter does it’s job. 🙂

model manufacturing with the laser cutter