architect designed mini-house of 22m2 (exterior) plus 10m2 loft and 6.15 m2 porch in 70mm logs 101.000,-kr including folding windows 107.000,-kr including delivery in Denmark – mainland Complete log house consisting of bottom frame, wall in solid 70 mm logs, wooden floor, rafters, roof boards, stern boards, threaded iron in […]

mini-house from 101.000,-kroner

Do you plan to build a mini-house or annex, but you are having trouble figuring out what it looks like in reality? Win a photorealistic 3D visualization of your project and get architectural advice as a bonus. All you have to do is write in the comment on facebook who […]

win 3d visualizations of your dream house

I have just finished a series of 3 mini-houses to Sølund huse from Hovedgård. The series includes 3 types of 22m2 (+ loft 10m2), 12m2 (+ loft 6m2) and 9m2, and will soon be available for purchase on the Sølund House website. The series is based on the “tiny-house” idea. […]

one idea 3 sizes

Our house just has 200mm of insulation in the floor, because our budget was exhausted. Now in the winter period a lot of energy is necessary to heat up the house, and the climate gets a little humid. So it was quite obvious that insulation would be the next necessary […]

intelligent steam barrier and after-insulation

The house got painted.  Only the doors and windows need some extra work. EPDM got established on the roof, and the windows are inserted. Soon ready for moving in! This picture was made by the owner of the house.

almost done…

We got a price for the log house. Due to the fact, that the house is quit long (more than 7m), it is just possible to deliver it in 70mm logs. The price for the house, inclusive building materials, the floor, a window and two double doors ( thermo windows) […]

a new mini house

selv bygg køkken kolo
We did built our first kitchen for just 105 €. Everything is a bit shabby, but we are quite satisfied. There is a material list beneath the pictures. I will try to post some more pictures from the inside of the cupboard as soon as possible. materials counter top , […]

Building a kitchen for 105 €

gulvvarme el fyr
Today it was finally possible to try our underfloor heating system, because we got an electrical heating boiler attached. It was a long process to figure out which kind of heating device we will use, also due to our economics. So we decided actually to get a heat pump. But […]

A heater for the underfloor heating

Anneks på Helgenaes
The customer already had a very concrete idea about the base plan of his extension and came with a sketch. I made some drawings of the facades and send everything to the log house manufacture. They will make us an offer on a 44mm and a 70mm construction. The offer […]

the first sketch of a new project

kolonihavehus med stor terrasse
After the winter it was time to finish the wooden terrace. Now it is also possible to enjoy the patio that got created. The big wooden terrace of 35m2 gives the house of 35 m2 a really spacious atmosphere. We used different substructures for our terrace. On top of the […]

finishing the terrace

skydedør kolonihavehus byg selv
After the winter break we are continuing our building project with new energy and money saved up. The loft needs a banister and the toilet a sliding door. We were building a low-price solution out of wood and acrylic glass. Mini house also designs  furniture and interiors. 🙂

sliding door and banister

hems i kolonihavehus
Finally we are attaching the loft inside the house and create some extra square meters and room.


overdækket terrasse
Building of the patio to connect the houses. Later on we are also planning a glass roof for the front part.


havelåge kolo
Our old gate was about to fall apart, plus that we wanted to have a gate, that would give us a little more privacy. We got an iron frame,  on which we applied wooden boards.

new gate

gulvvarme gør det selv
We are busy with establishing the underfloor heating. It is quite easy to establish. We can help you with the planning. You will receive a detailed drawing with the pipes position from us, and we can help you establishing it.  The system is very economical either.

establishing the underfloor heating

kloakering i kolonihave
Our sustainable house has a compost toilette.  A great decision. It is not smelly at all, and saving a lot of dirt water. For the rest of the dirt water, we need to establish sewage. As you can see on the picture, our earth is really full of clay. To […]


A round window is a strong design element for a house. Since it is also very expensive, we bought this one used on ebay. Now we painted it and finally installed it. The frame for the window was made with a laser cutter.  

round window