intelligent steam barrier and after-insulation

Our house just has 200mm of insulation in the floor, because our budget was exhausted. Now in the winter period a lot of energy is necessary to heat up the house, and the climate gets a little humid. So it was quite obvious that insulation would be the next necessary step,  when some money pops in.

We decided to put 140mm of cellulose insulation. Cellulose insulation has a lot of advantages. It is made out of recycled newspapers and treated in different ways, so it is pretty difficult to inflame. Furthermore it is treated in a way, so animals like mice don’t like to build there nest in it.

Cellulose insulation has a very good fitting inside the hollow walls or roof. It can be blown into a building component or stuffed into it. We would have rented a machine to blow it into our roof, but it was very difficult to impossible to get one in our area, so we decided to stuff the paper insulation.

We followed this video:

Which is in danish.

To be sure that we would have an even insulation in the roof, we calculated how many packages we would need for a certain area.

We are not totally done, but the area which is finished became quite good, and the result is already now amazing. We can really feel, that the climate changed, and that it goes much faster to heat up the house. Even though we just insulated 1/3 of the roof until now. The rest will be finished within the next week, and we are really curious for the final end result.

We but the insulation between the rafter. As a vapor barrier we used the intelligent barrier from intello. This product works in two different directions. Since it doesn’t let humidity inside the insulation from inside the room, it still leaves out humidity, which might be caught inside the insulation.

This barrier might be a little more expensive, than any other barrier, but it protects your wood construction in the best way against mold.

If you’re thinking about insulating your house, I can definitely recommend an online calculator for seeing the effect of the thermal insulation.

The u value calculator can be found under the following link:

The page is in German, English and French.


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